GAPS stands for “Gut and Psychology Syndrome”

I was personally trained by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride MD N.MedSci (Neurology and Nutrition)

GAPS recognises the connection between the health of the gut and  therefore of the body, how the two are intimately entwined, and affect each other. So, heal the gut, you improve your immune system and your health. It takes dedication to follow the GAPS diet. However, the results are worth every effort.

You don’t need extensive ( and often expensive) allergy tests. There are cheap ways of testing to see if the body is still sensitive, to say, eggs. However, using the GAPS protocol to heal and seal your gut is working on dealing with the cause of the problems.

I could list hundreds of health issues and most people will tick at least one of them. If you suffer from anything from Allergies, auto immune diseases, bowel issues, asthma ( auto immune) diabetes to depression / anxieties, skin conditions to reproductive problems, even going out in sunlight, GAPS will most likely help at a fundamental level.

When you regain your health you can regain a happy life.

Why work with me?

Working with a practitioner to guide and support you ensures you get the right help on your path to good health.

When you are in the thick of a health issue, be it yours or a family member, it can be so hard to see the wood from the trees. Sometimes, the body goes through a healing crisis, throwing out old symptoms, and it is at times like this when people feel “it is not working, why has everything gone so well and now isn’t?”

Working with a Practitioner, who has a healthy distance and can see what is happening, who can help to make adjustments to what you are doing, or simply support you through a difficult time of healing enables you to continue on your healing journey.

They can also help you to see the improvements you may not have noticed.

With  GAPS, I like the lack of unnecessary supplements. I like the approach of where they are needed, working towards a cessation as the body heals and is able to use the nutrients in the foods you are now eating.