Homeopathy is an energetic, holistic medicine that has been in use for over 220 years. By “Holistic” I mean, “Treating the whole person.” This means that it covers the whole of the person: Emotional, Mental, Environmental and Physical. This allows the homeopath to prescribe homeopathic remedies for the individual person. People often look at me in surprise when I tell them that I can see 10 people with flu symptoms, and each person will need a different homeopathic medicine, or, remedy depending on their symptoms, which will include what their mood is like, how thirst is affected, smell, taste, preference for fresh air or the warmth, keeping absolutely still or restless, how they ache, is it muscular or in their bones, does the bed feel too hard, what makes them feel better or worse? And so on.

Children respond well to homeopathic remedies. I’ve seen many a fever, earache, tooth pain and egg sized bruise calm rapidly with homeopathic treatment.

Each homeopathic remedy has its own picture of symptoms, and it is the totality of the patients symptoms that we seek to match to the homeopathic medicine. So we treat each person individually.

Because homeopathy is a holistic medicine it can be used to treat many complaints, from IBS and other bowl conditions to allergies, arthritis,  eczema, acute conditions ( cough, cold, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhoea), injuries like, sprains, strains and broken bones, Hayfever, ME and depression. It can help during times of emotional upheaval and transition such as stress and bereavement.

Correctly prescribed, homeopathy is safe to use during pregnancy.

Consultations The first consultation will last an hour. During this time, as well as discussing the reason for coming to see me, we will also look at a timeline of your health history, family health history, explore your personality and traits, for example, your likes and dislikes, fears, sleep patterns.

A remedy is then prescribed and we arrange a follow up appointment.

The follow up is an important part of your healing process and is usually for half an hour. You may require a repeat of the first remedy, a change of remedy, or nothing at all.

How many treatments will you need?  This really does depend on you and your condition. This  will be discussed during you first appointment.

Homeopathic Treatment can be used alongside conventional medical treatments.