Buttery Beef Liver Pâté

You can use any liver, however, do remember that chicken livers are much lighter in flavour than beef. This may influence the herbs and spices you use. Just have fun and experiment!
I have used beef liver in this recipe.

So, you will need:
400 grams Liver
200-250 grams mushrooms
160 ml bone stock
500 grams butter
herbs and spices to taste

Put about half a block of butter (125 grams) into a frying pan and add the mushrooms.
bone broth and liverpate 012
Whilst they are slowly cooking, cut the liver into small pieces:
bone broth and liverpate 013
bone broth and liverpate 014
Add the chopped liver to the mushrooms and cook for about 10 minutes.
Then add the bone stock and spices, organic mace and ground pepper go well

Stir and leave to cook until the liquid has mostly reduced

Add the rest of the butter and transfer ingredients to a food processor

Blend to your preferred consistency. Where you have more in your pan than will comfortably fit into your food processor, pour blended Pâté into a bowl and blend the next lot:

Now, at this stage, your Pâté may well look very runny and non too pretty. Panic not! Taste and season, e.g. add unrefined sea salt.

Pour into glass or ceramic containers, leave to cool, and set.

In true UnPCKitchen style, we ate this Pâté before taking photos of the finished product. Not to worry, I shall take pictures of the next batch. There will be a lovely layer of butter on top of the Pâté. This must be eaten with the Pâté.

You can serve the Pâté in slices or cubes. It goes well in a lunch box, and makes a mega nutritious snack, anytime of the day (not that you should be snacking when eating High Fat Low Carb!)

To increase the fat to protein ratio, you can add extra beef dripping during the cooking stage. I like to fry mushrooms in the beef fat.

You can fry onions and garlic with the mushrooms and add fresh rosemary. This is a variation, and needs to be eaten more quickly than when not used. I can keep Pâté in the fridge for up to 8 days without the addition of onion and fresh herbs, 6 days with them.