Chicken Liver & Heart Parfait with Sour Cherries


300 grams Organic free range chicken livers

100 grams Organic free range chicken hearts

20 – 30 dried sour cherries

1 onion

Clove of garlic

About 100 mls Chicken Stock

250 grams Butter


Chop onion and garlic and add to pan with cherries and chicken stock

DSC00731Simmer until the stock has mostly evaporated


It is important to reduce the stock so that the onions are thoroughly cooked and the flavour is intensified. This way, it is highly unlikely that you will need to add extra seasoning the sieving stage

DSC00737Meanwhile, get your livers and hearts ready


DSC00736I slice the hearts, otherwise they take longer to cook.   Add them with half a block of butter to your frying pan


When the butter has melted, add the livers

DSC00742Contrary to government preference,  lightly cook the livers so that they are still slightly pink in the middle (otherwise you end up with a grainy, pate type finish)

Transfer to the blender / food processor. Add the rest of the butter


and blend


Get a bowl and sit a stainless steel  sieve on it, and pour in the parfait. It looks pretty yucky at this stage, but take a deep breathe in and savour the aroma


Push the mix through the sieve with the back of a  wooden spoon. This leaves out the chewy tubes so you have a smooth parfait


And you end up with this


Look at all the lovely fat 🙂

Pour into a serving bowl and allow to set, then keep in the fridge when not consuming this nutritionally dense, super delicious parfait


DSC00752Delicious served with fermented veg;  here we have red cabbage with ginger, white cabbage with caraway seed, celeriac with cumin and celeriac and carrot.  Spread on lettuce leaves, fill in the grooves in  celery stalks, onto nut loaf, let your imagination inspire  you!