Fast Fried Meal

Just one picture here because the need to eat was too strong and the annoyedness at getting home after a day at work on a bank holiday to find no one had bothered to start dinner was too much. Pah!

I thought about calling this “Pan Fried Liver and Steak with a smattering of tomatoes”  but that is so ridiculously pretentious. What else do you fry in? A tin can ( well yes, once on a beach in Kenya I did try to…. but that is another story! I ended up using a piece of discarded porcelain, and the Parrot Fish was magnificent…)??

20140526_175305Hmmm this picture just does not look as good as the final dish, can you see the tomato?

How quick?

Well, throw a lump of beef fat into a frying pan ( I used a cast iron Le Buyer)

Crush a few cloves of garlic and add to melting fat..

Finely slice any old beef  ( local grass-fed is always best, but I hope that goes without saying); feather steak in this instance btw and throw on top of the garlic..

Grab a tomato, slice and toss into pan. Actually do NOT toss, far too messy, unless you want extra clearing up to do.. better to  scrape off  the chopping board with knife with one graceful swoop..

Remember you have liver in the fridge, grab, slice finely and add to the beef..

Think  “Green = magnesium.” Rapidly rinse organic flies and soil off lettuce leaves, rip into pieces and plonk onto a dinner plate..

Tip cooked contents of said frying pan on top of the lettuce, ensuring no juices are left in the pan. Grind black pepper  over the meats and…

Garnish with Caraway Sauerkraut 20140526_175404From start to finish this dish took less than 20 minutes to prepare and cook.

I did not add salt because there is plenty in the sauerkraut.

The sauerkraut took a lot longer to prepare. This portion is from a batch I started three months ago.