The Savoury Unloaf

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Just occassionaly it makes a nice change to have something (un) loaf like to support a slab of butter and slice of home made liver pate..

SAMSUNGNote the butter just behind this loaf.

Nuts make great unloaves, but due to the phytate content, they are a special occassion unloaf, rather than daily or frequent unloaf.

So, the one above, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo simple ..

200 grams dessicated coconut

1/2 tsp unrefined salt

2 level tsp baking powder (NB check the contents, many are NOT suitable due to gluten / corn additives)

1- 2 tsp of your favourite herbs

6 eggs

loaf tin, lined with greaseproof paper

Quite simply, throw the dessicated coconut into a food processor with salt, herbs and baking powder, and whizz for a minute to break down the dessicated coconut

Beat in eggs. Taste and adjust herbs / salt to suit. Warning, you may find this so delicious not quite so much makes it into the loaf tin!

Pour into loaf tin, and


on lower rungs of the oven,  gas mark 2 for about an hour. Check with a knife, and if it comes out clean, unloaf is cooked.

SAMSUNG  So now here is the important part

SAMSUNG Lashings of butter. In this case, unpasteurised, unsalted, Beurre D’Isigny


SAMSUNG On one side, with smoked Salmon. I like this. It works! On the other, Home Made Liver pate. These 2 kept me going for a good 6 hours. I wonder if a few Anchovies would have enhanced the smoked Salmon? Buon Appitito!

You can keep this unloaf sweeter by not adding herbs, or you can spice it up with cumin and chilli, or make a denser unloaf by grating in a small courgette or small amount of squash.  Next to try will be a Feta and Olive unloaf. Enjoy! Yummmmm 😉