The UnProfiterole

Airy, light, melt in the mouth and oh so easy to make  they are a real family affair when it comes to preparing (and eating!). Oh!! and super LOW Carbohydrate..


6 Eggs

200 Grams Cream Cheese

1 tsp baking powder


300 mls double cream

60 grams 85% chocolate

Dollop of butter


Separate the egg yolks from the whites.

Whisk the whites until they are very stiff .. like this:

Meanwhile, whisk the baking powder into the egg yolks:

And beat the cream cheese into the egg yolks:

Just make sure that the egg whites are beaten so that you can turn the container up side down and they won’t fall out…

Take the next step very gently, as you fold the egg and cheese mixture into the egg whites:

All folded and lots of air has been retained within the egg white:

Now put golf ball sized servings onto trays lined with greaseproof paper:

Place in the oven, Gas mark 3, 190 C :

Bake for about 20 minutes. Take out the top tray, and move the next tray up.

If the bottom of the Unprofiterole is very moist, turn over the unprofiteroles and return the tray to the bottom of the oven until the top tray is cooked.

Whilst cooling, whip the double cream:

Melt the chocolate with the butter. When half of the chocolate has melted, switch off the heat and continue to stir until completely melted:

Gently insert a sharp knife into an Unprofiterole and move is across the base to open it up:

Like this:

Fill a piping bag or syringe with the whipped cream, and pipe into your Unprofiterole:

When all the Unprofiteroles have been filled with cream, decorate with the melted chocolate and butter:

You could add a few raspberries and blackcurrants (we just happen to have some growing in the garden right now)

Put the Unprofiteroles into the fridge to allow the chocolate to set, and then devour!!